Cargo bikes

A cargo bike can no longer be ignored from the streets of Amsterdam. Ideal for families in the city. At our shop you find the best cargo bikes of the capital. Our cargo bikes have been named several times a year as the best cargo bikes of the year.

A cargo bike is still super cool to have!

All these bikes have a low entry so you can always get on and off easily. Because the center of gravity is low on the ground, they remain stable and areĀ very manoeuvrable. You can safely secure your children by means of the three-point belts. Shopping with the children has never been so easy and fun!

Very popular model

The most sold cargo bike in the Netherlands. A fast two-wheeler with an extended bucket. This model can also be equipped with electric pedal assistance. Ideal for transporting children or large items.

A nice tricycle

Ideal for transporting children. Available in two models: A narrow and wide version for just that little extra space. So there is always a suitable solution for you.

Fantastic work bike

With a carrier attached to the frame, this workhorse continues to steer easily. Even with heavy loads, the Cargo Work is the ideal work bike.