Bike rental

How wonderful it is to take the bike without any worries and to travel around the city. You do not have to worry that you can not find a parking spot in the center of Amsterdam. This way you can fully enjoy a day in Amsterdam. The ideal way to explore the city is with a bicycle from Bikemasteramsterdam. We are easily accessible by public transport and by car. Tram 12, 13 and 14 stop at the Bilderdijkstraat. From there it is only a few minutes walk to our establishment.

Prices bicycle rental Amsterdam

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Day rental

Rent a bike for a whole day at bikemasteramsterdam.

Rental for several days

Of course you can also rent a bicycle for a few days or even weeks.

Group rental

Group rental is a form of bicycle rental where friends or colleagues rent a bike together for example for a day trip, a visit to a museum or

for visiting business relations. The delivery and collection at the desired time is no problem at all. Early booking is desirable and advisable, especially in the summer months.

Company bike rental

We are a regular supplier of rental bicycles for various companies in Amsterdam. Daily service bikes and / or personal bicycles are used. This form of bicycle rental is also known as a Bicycle plan. The bikes remain the property of Bikemasteramsterdam. Are you interested? Request a free quote via

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